Personalized Search Engine: A Review

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Ms. Kajal Thakur, Prof. PragatiPatil


Now a days there is A major problem in mobile search is that the interactions between the users and search engines are limited by the small form factors of the mobile devices. As a result, mobile users tend to submit shorter, hence, more ambiguous queries compared to their web search counterparts. In order to return highly relevant results to the users, mobile search engines must be able to profile the users� interests and personalize the search results according to the user�s profiles. A personalized mobile search engine (PMSE) that captures the users� preferences in the form of concepts by mining their click through data. Due to the importance of location information in mobile search, In this paper PMSE classifies these concepts into content concepts and location concepts To characterize the diversity of the concepts associated with a query and their relevance�s to the user�s need, four entropies are introduced to balance the weights between the content and location facets.

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