Diabetic Retinopathy Exudate Detection

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Anagha N. Sonandkar


The Diabetic Retinopathy is major cause of vision loss now days.High sugar levels in blood can damage the blood vessels that feed the retina of the eye. It contains two types Non-proliferative andProliferative, which results in blurred vision at first and permanent vision loss later. Early detection of Diabetic Retinopathy is helpful to prevent vision loss. Manually detection is laborious process and takes great deal of time for analysis & diagnosis, also it includes chemical dilation which has negative side effects. Amongst all the symptoms like Microaneurysms(small swelling that forms in the walls of tiny blood vessels, which may break & allow blood to leak into nearby tissue.), Hemorrhages(internal bleeding), Exudates (lipid leaks & mark the existence of retinal oedema; known cause for the blindness) is most prevalent symptom, hence will go for detection of exudates.

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