Developments in Redox Flow Battery Containing Organic Compounds

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Jyoti Kumari


The demand for versatile energy storage is continuously increasing day by day as we are moving towards modernity. Electrical energy produced from renewable &non-renewableresources. Nonrenewable resources are used for producing electricity since last 300 years but because of pollution problems we are moving towards more clean sources of energy production. This demand of clean electrical energy lights up the use of Redox flow batteries to store energy & supply when there is a use. Redox flow battery uses inorganic materials but because of expensive metal used in electrolytes it causes a concern & generates the need of low cost material. The solution to this problem is given by organic compounds that have high voltage, high charge capacity. Hence this review focuses on preparation of Organic based redox flow batteries.It discusses fundamental developments related to Redox flow organic batteries.

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