Security Issues and Solutions in Cloud Computing: A Review

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Maddala Sai Kumar, Bugata Hara Govinda S


Cloud computing is a rising worldview which has turned into the present most trending topic because of its ability to reduce the costs associated with computing. In the present period, it is most intriguing and helpful innovation which offers the services based on demand over the internet to its users. Since Cloud processing stores the information and due to its wide spreading resources security has turned out to be a serious obstacle which is hampering the cloud users. There are number of clients utilizing cloud to store their own information. This paper lists the security problems that cloud computing facing today such as data, privacy, and account hijacking and some other security issues. It also discusses some solutions for tackling these issues and problem.

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, M. S. K. B. H. G. S. (2018). Security Issues and Solutions in Cloud Computing: A Review. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(1), 330–336. Retrieved from