Analytics of IoT Streaming Data using Modified New Pattern Mining Algorithm

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Monika Saxena, C. K. Jha


In the era of information technology, everything we are using in the everyday life is represented in form of information. Transportation, parking, traffic, pollution are some examples of hundreds of infrastructure systems with which we act every day. By using information technologies combined with communication, it becomes very easy to represent all details even the tiniest parts of these fields in forms of data. Furthermore, the Internet of things (IoT) plays a very important role in connecting physical objects with electronics, software, and sensors. Based on that, smart cites have been modeled and implemented in thousands place over all the world; In these cities, all smart systems in different fields like transportation networks, pollution,traffic,airlines, etc. are showed in form of numbers and strings of characters.This paper represents the problems occur in this type of methods with little bit solution of them by new modified algorithm.

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, M. S. C. K. J. (2018). Analytics of IoT Streaming Data using Modified New Pattern Mining Algorithm. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 4(1), 265–270. Retrieved from