A Study of Family, School, Social and Personal Problems of Adolescents

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Dr. Parveen Sharma, Mr. Deepak Mathil


Adolescence is the wealth of a country. One can know the future of the country on the basis of the adolescence. The country can make development easily, which have physically and mentally strong adolescence. But now days, our adolescence has gone astray on the name of modernization. Inc. In population, unemployment, corruption, westernization and materialistic, thinking all these has gone deteriorated the basis moral values of adolescence. This leads to further new problems i. e. daydreaming, violence, drugs, cheating, gang involvement and all wastage of young energy The basis reason of the above problems that adolescence wants to co-ordinate themselves with the need of home and society but on getting failed, they got stuck into such problems so, their family, education, social, and personal condition give rise to such irritating problems. In modern times with rapid advancement in all walks of life, problems have also multiplied in that proportion. Life is becoming fast with the increasing impact of technology. Fast life and competition in the world are slowly becoming the agents in killing the regenerative processes among human beings. In the present life style, everything seems to explode; emotional pressure is increasing day by day especially at adolescence stage. For most of adolescent life cosmist of stressful things like dealing with parents, coping with studies, being force to a study a particular course, anxiety of passing the exam and finally making a career in a fiercely competitive world. Stress is more subtle, more tangible and more pervasive. Unvested frustrations are occurring almost in all spheres of their lives. Parent has no time for children to guide them. Thus, adolescents frequently troubled with their daily problems. They experience rejection or failure such as the breakup of a relationship or fear of falling in the exams. These difficulties are giving's rise to many psychosomatic problems such as loss of adjustment with life, frustration, identity and emotional upset in day to day life.

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