Numerical Simulation and Design of Machine Learning Based Real Time Fatigue Detection System

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Gargi Kaushik
Abhigya Saxena


The proposed research is a step to implement real time image segmentation and drowsiness with help of machine learning methodologies. Image segmentation has been implemented in real time in which the segments of mouth and eyes have been segmented using image processing. Input can be provided by the help of real time image acquisition system such as webcam or internet of things based camera. From the video input, image frames has been extracted and processed to obtain real time features and using clustering algorithms segmentation has been achieved in real time. In the proposed work a Support Vector Machine (SVM) based machine learning method has been implemented emotion detection using facial expressions. The algorithm has been tested under variable luminance conditions and performed well with optimum accuracy as compared to contemporary research.

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Kaushik, G. ., & Saxena, A. . (2022). Numerical Simulation and Design of Machine Learning Based Real Time Fatigue Detection System. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science &Amp; Communication Engineering, 8(3), 01–13.


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